Looking for the top spot to throw your 21st in Melbourne? Check out Ed’s Place, the perfect place to celebrate turning the big two-one! Tucked away in the southeast of Melbourne, we’ve decked out the joint with everything you need for a top-notch night: comfy seating, awesome lighting, and heaps of food options. Whether you’re after a big night out or a more chilled gathering with your best mates, Ed’s Place is your go-to for a memorable 21st.

Party Your Way at

Ed’s Place

At Ed’s Place, we get that a 21st is a big deal, and we’re here to make sure yours is bang on. Whether you’re up for a massive DJ set with the crew, a killer cocktail night, or just kicking back with beers and a BBQ, our spot’s ready to make it happen.

Our venue is decked out with the latest gear to keep the party jumping and the mood exactly right. It’s the place to let loose, celebrate big, and make those milestone memories with your mates.

Lighting That’s Lit

Set the perfect mood for your 21st with our bespoke lighting options. Whether you’re after a soft, romantic glow with fairy lights or something more vibrant and party-ready with neon, our lighting setups are designed to complement your theme and enhance the party atmosphere.

As dusk falls, watch Ed’s Place transform into a lively, glowing venue that’s perfect for dancing the night away and snapping those perfect Insta-worthy moments.

Food for All

At Ed’s Place, we know that top-notch food and drinks are essential for any cracking party. Our menu has loads of options to suit everyone, so no worries about pleasing all your mates. Our skilled catering team whips up dishes that are as tasty as they are good-looking, perfect for keeping the energy up at your celebration. Plus, we’ve got a great selection of drinks to keep the vibes buzzing and everyone in high spirits.

For a top-notch event that'll be all you’ve imagined, whether it's a big birthday or a chill get-together. Our team is here to help with all the planning and setup. We'll make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Drop us an email at edmonk@bigpond.com
or give us a ring on 0411 822 525.

Let’s get your party sorted!